Ask and you shall receive…


“Until now you have asked for nothing in my name. Ask and you shall receive, and your Joy shall be made full.”

John Ch 16, vs 24

I’ve historically always had a bit of a problem asking for stuff.

Be it pride, be it vulnerability, be it whatever, I have always felt hugely uncomfortable asking for anything.

This becomes most acute when I find myself asking a prospective client whether they wish to work with me or not, and pay me the fees that this entails.

My coach, John Morgan, challenged me last year to see how I could still “serve” my clients though this process of “asking for money”

And I’ll be honest, until now I have struggled with the concept.

In the past, “asking’ always felt like the very opposite of “serving”

When asking I felt at my most vulnerable. I felt needy, and I sometimes felt guilty or greedy.

However, over the past few months I have reflected on this, and I now truly believe that I am serving my clients at the highest level when I am asking for money, and, from a Christian perspective, I now feel that “asking’ is a vital component in deepening my relationship with God.

In fact from a Christian Perspective it is an “essential” part of the process!

“Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be made full.” John 16:24

I interpret this as meaning that if I don’t ask for something I won’t be able to experience the maximum amount of Joy it can offer.

Therefore, “asking” isn’t something that I have to get

Goa – The importance of travel


In December, my wife and I were lucky enough to have a week away from the British weather in sunny old Goa!

We were joining my parents and 5 brothers and sisters for a family holiday.

This was the first proper holiday I had taken for about 5 years. I had taken “extended breaks” during that time, but it had always been out of “necessity” rather than want.

These “extended breaks” were generally caused by a trip abroad for a friends wedding, or previously due to a triathlon event that was abroad.

In fact, come to think of it, I had never really taken a proper holiday as an adult. Even my gap year and travels as a young man were very much about the need to “learn” about the world and “improve myself” (Living in spain in order to learn spanish)

So this trip to Goa would be very first Holiday! Sun, sea, family and no expectations other than to relax and spend time with my parents and siblings.


So how was it?

Well bizarrely enough it was actually far more intellectually nourishing than some of my more “conscious” attempts to broaden my horizons.

Despite having zero interest in discovering southern India, my intention was simply to spend time mucking around with my brothers and sisters in the resort, I actually has a really enlightening experience.

And the best part was, it involved so little actual travel.

Each day my family would make the 200m trip to the beach in order to sunbath and read books. (Like I said there were little cultural ambitions)

Being southern India, we would be approached by numerous

Generally the only time I would take a holiday was if Laura and I HAD to go abroad for a wedding etc. I would then take an extended break and call this a holiday.

I guess that because I enjoyed my work and didn’t feel the “need” for a break, I also felt that holidays were a bit of a luxury item. An unnecessary expense if you will.

Laura loved her horse riding and was very comfortable at home too, so between the two of us the desire for travel at somewhat drifted a little.


Duke Meadows – Putting my short game into Perspective


Yesterday afternoon I played 9 holes at Duke Meadows with a couple of golfers who were far better than I was!

The game was a great chance to see how far I still had to go with my golf and also to practice my short game.

I had played Duke Meadows many times before but not for at least a year, so it would be an interesting exercise.

The scorecard showed that I struggled quite a bit out there yesterday. Whether it was my new grip, or just concentration my chipping was pretty poor. Drives were fine, and putting was also poor but the “feel” around the greens has definitely got a bit of room for improvement.

I guess the biggest problem I have at the moment is being able to get consistent “loft” when I am 10 feet out and the lie of the ball is not so good. There was a bit of mud around yesterday and I really struggle with this.

I’m not sure whether a GAP wedge would help, as I always use my pitching wedge which is apparently 45 degrees?

I’ll certainly be taking a few more trips down to Dukes to work on this, perhaps with the specialist “Short Game” coach they have down there, and also to work on my putting.

I got some good putting tips yesterday so I’ll be working on these. The greens at Duke’s are harder than Wexham So it will be good practice!

Golf Lesson to Improve distance with middle irons…

I had an excellent lesson with James at Wexham Golf club yesterday in order to address my frustrations with the distance I am hitting my 5 iron.

At present I hit it about 130-150 yards. This requires quite a bite of effort and is also pretty inconsistent.

After some video analysis, which I wish I had here!, James helped me deduce that I had two key areas that needed improvement.

My grip, which was still a baseball grip, with the left thumb tucked under the club rather than on top of it, and the amount of rotation I was getting.

I worked on these two things for about 30 mins and I was suddenly hitting it about 160 yards! Nice!

Getting some consistency…

My goal for the last two rounds has been to eliminate the “8’s & 9’s” from my scorecard.

This has meant playing a slightly safer game and really focusing hard on where I am directing the ball. Basically just more focus!

What I learnt from the round of 46 I played yesterday, was the power of the wind!

It was a really windy day and I was having to make adjustments for this.

My Golf Swing – Oct 2014

As you can see from the video they’re is lots going on with my golf swing. From what I see, and this may well be very wrong, my issues seem to be;

  • Not getting enough rotation in the spine, so I tend to do a little more work with my shoulders.
  • Possible “set up” issues?
  • Wrist Hinging issues

The reason I am sharing this video is to gain insight from other people, like you guys, andy also to track the progress of my swing.

“If you’re not assessing your guessing!”

Where do you think I need to work hardest on improving this swing?

Get in! Breaking 50 on the back 9 of Wexham for the first time!

The Goal

As I’d mentioned in last weeks post, I was struggling to get below 50 on the back 9 of Wexham Golf Centre’s main “Blue Course” (We were only playing 9 holes due to time constraints!)

This week I was going to be playing in a three, with G-Dog and his Father. It was the first time I had played G-Dog senior, so to be honest, the main goal was to not look too shabby in front of someone I didn’t know that well. Surely you’ve been there? Continue reading Get in! Breaking 50 on the back 9 of Wexham for the first time!

What I’m currently working on… – Clubface position on the backswing


Ok, so during my last round with G-dog it became apparent that I was actually lining up my drives to accommodate a slight fade.

Now, I was quite happy with this because I felt I had control of it, but it was costing me distance, and to be honest I wasn’t super consistent.

G-Dog taught me this little trick, with regards to the positioning of the club face at the start my backswing, and it has meant I am now driving it consistently straight!

That’s the good news, the bad news is that I have now been made aware of the whole world of information surrounding club face positioning on the backswing, via You Tube! (OK – This is good news in the long run!)

Anyway I put together this little video showing you where I am currently at.

DO Sweat the small stuff…and look like a psycho!


As a teenager I was often told that I needed to “chill out” by my family, and stop taking everything so seriously.

And yet at the same time I would be accused of having my “head in the clouds” and being a “space cadet”

It seems a bit of contradiction. Stressed out and intense, yet with your head in the clouds?!?

Continue reading DO Sweat the small stuff…and look like a psycho!

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